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Moving over to Facebook

November 13, 2012

Moving on to Facebook

After considering a couple of options i’ve decided to continue the blog over at Facebook ! Its more accessible and can be updated with instagram, twitter etc. Join me over there for all the current updates and posts !


Theres something straaaaange in the neighbourhood….

May 31, 2011

Yes its been awhile since the last post but all for gooood reason. For a hint, you could click on the sticker image on the left. Otherwise you could think alone the lines of Nick Fury, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner etc….


Ending 2010 with a BANG ! “Strong Play Ethic” An exhibition and sale of photographs by Mark Teo

December 10, 2010

Its been a hectic 2 months of preparation and it all boils down to this ! So many individuals have contributed their time and effort to make this possible both in front of and behind the camera.The local boys that continue to inspire me – Radikal Forze crew, Artkore, Acid Crue, No2 Family, Roll or Die Crew, DJ KoFlow ! Its been a privilege to have photographed them and I hope the images will speak for them and for myself.

To my supporters, Canon Singapore, Red Bull, 91.3Fm, BDO,  6 Drunk Men & Speights Gold Medal Ale, Coffee Club, Fiji Water, Appletisers, Justin Y consultants and venue sponsor 36||38 Armenian Street- none of this would even be possible without your generous support despite the tight deadlines and short notice !

Last but not least ! Friends and family who’ve all chipped in one way or another !!! Enough of the wannabe awards acceptance speech. 7 Days to party !!

My first GIF animation

July 26, 2010

Voila ! Its not perfect but its the beginning of more dizzying gif animations to come ! I’ve always wanted to make one of these little animations. Thanks to Cheem I can now make more annoying, nausea inducing, subliminal message transmitting, gif animations !

Packing light ! Remote Flash triggering with the EOS 7D

July 25, 2010

Its another sleepy Sunday night. My friend/fellow photographer Chee minh and I have a little discussion on equipment, lighting etc.. For my regular work I have Pocket Wizards and they are fantastic but pricey. The question in mind was what alternative solutions to off camera flash could photographers use ?! Remote flash, wireless triggering..hmm… wait a minute… we BOTH had the Canon 7D …

Our quick and dirty experiment after the jump !
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Week 06 – Day of “The Horn”

July 6, 2010

After 3 weekends of assignments in the mountains of Austria I’m finally back in the city for a day shoot with the man they call… “THE HORN”.

Red Bull Athlete and Razors Pro Team rider Stefan ” The Horn” Horngacher and his ride(s).

Every skater has a different opinion of warm up tricks… Our first location and The Horn’s first trick of the day.. Go ahead… count the steps

With German soccer hero Thomas Linke around, why not throw a huge gap over him juggling a soccer ball !Canon 7D on high speed burst ( 8fps) to catch each “horn” in the sequence. A steady tripod helps.

The theme for the photoshoot was to see Stefan in his hometown city of Salzburg. Bank to wall stall and a 270 back in.

Chilling between the skate spots

Horn Dog high speed forward Topside Pornstar ! 2 attempts 2 hits. In and out of the area in 5mins. Setting up my Canon speedlites took more time !

Just another day at the office !

Week 04/05-UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 2010

June 27, 2010

Its the third consecutive weekend away in the mountains for a shoot. As usual I packed lots of gear but not enough clothing. 3 days shooting in the rain with mud, freezing temperatures and 1 pair of jeans ain’t fun. But the shoot was well worth it !Anyways, less talk more pictures !

Autofocus on my 7D set to Ai Servo. Picked the riders right out of the morning mist and fired away !

The Canon eos7D plus 70-200 f2.8 L lens was definitely the main work horse this shoot ! Auto focus tracking the riders as they sped towards and past my position. High Speed continuous burst of course !

Rain and mud still makes for a good time !

The 5D2 took the back seat this round and was in charge of portrait work plus some panning shots on the 3fps burst mode

Shot this panning shot with the 5D2 and 15mm fisheye f2.8. Shutter speed was at about 1/125 !

Part of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Leogang was whats called the 4 CROSS. 4 guys free for all battle through a dirt course. Hardcore !

EF300 2.8 baby ! Still the magic lens.

Imagine how sweet the NEW 70-200f2.8L IS USM would look !!!!

Yes I also got to meet the world famous Athertons ! Woohoo ! I gotta get myself a mountain bike now.

Lessons learnt on this shoot ? Umbrellas are awesome and never take your rain cover out of your camera bag. It was built in there for a reason !