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Cityscapes- Chinatown

August 27, 2009


Having a go at HDR images. Been shooting more land/cityscapes and for this particular one I waited from 630pm to about 745pm taking lots and lots of exposures to work into one image. The orange moon at the top right revealed itself from behind dark clouds juuust as I was about to pack up. PHEWW!!!

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Had a good steady tripod (Manfrotto 055X Pro B with the 488RC4 Ball head) to keep the camera from shaking, set up at about 645pm and just took a shot every few minutes making sure not to bump into the setup. Used the 2 sec self timer to eliminate any camera shake from pressing down on the shutter button. At the end of the day I ended up with something like 40 over shots of varying exposures ( for the highlights and the shadows) then basically chose to work with the ones where the buildings in the background had more interior lights on. Took the bunch of these (I think it was about 6 shots) and combined them with photoshops HDR function ! EASY !
As a bonus, added in the people in the foreground from slow shutter shots taken while waiting for the sky to turn blue.

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