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Grinding into Tiger Tales and Timeout magazine September

September 3, 2009


Last month, I got to shoot editorial pieces for Tiger Tales, an in-flight magazine for Tiger Airways and Timeout Singapore. The best part, was that I got to do some skate photography at the newly built “International standards” skatepark at East Coast. I’ve always shot skating so to do it for work was absolutely fantastic ! And now… the race against the setting sun !

more after the jump!

The story I think, was about various evening activities here in Singapore. Which meant the shoot had to be at night but without the totally blackened sky…of course. That in turn translates to having only about 1 hour to shoot from 7pm when the park lights come on. As most shoots go I arrive about 30 mins earlier and set up the first shot ( 1 Canon 580ex2 speedlite with shoot through umbrella on camera right and 1 Canon 580ex camera left in line with the skater) . Our star for the day, Mr Aaron Koh( who Im eternally grateful for helping with this) rushed down from work and arrived at about 730pm ( 30 mins before the sky goes BLACKKKKK!!!) Good thing the lights were in position earlier! So on go the skates and away we go. Got the first shot juuust as we lost any pink/red in the sky.

This was the alternative shot but as you can see the sky is already dark blue.


By 8pm the sun had completely set and the art director for Tiger Tales (David) wanted to see if a sequence shot would work. So after afew more rounds of my ” again, again please, GOOD! okay last one, K LAST one ” we got what we needed. Shot with 1 speedlite with a silver umbrella and camera on a tripod for overlaying the individual shots in PS.

Maaaad props to Aaron for going all out for the shoot plus David and Haryati (Timeout) for giving me total creative freedom on the shoot !

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