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Shooting in the Shade with Red Bull Streetstyle Champ Azri

April 13, 2010

Big bad Sun VS little canon speedlites…NOT the fairest match up. Good thing was that the Red Bull Streetstyle Champion Azri Trickster ( Check his facebook ) was down with the whole grimy back alley thing. Camera set to maximum sync speed ( about 1/200 sec), bare Canon 580ex2 speedlites set on 1/2 to Full power, back pack of cold Red Bull and we were ready to go !

With the big contrast between the sunny areas and shadows, the idea was pretty much to get Azri in the shade before “bringing him back” with the off camera flash. Kinda like setting up for a silhouette then adding in the other lights.

Had either an ND4 filter or Circular polariser for the first image due to the lack of shade in that spot. Shot in RAW and colour/tone mapped( whatever you call it) in PS for effect.

My ghetto light stand

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