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Packing light ! Remote Flash triggering with the EOS 7D

July 25, 2010

Its another sleepy Sunday night. My friend/fellow photographer Chee minh and I have a little discussion on equipment, lighting etc.. For my regular work I have Pocket Wizards and they are fantastic but pricey. The question in mind was what alternative solutions to off camera flash could photographers use ?! Remote flash, wireless triggering..hmm… wait a minute… we BOTH had the Canon 7D …

Our quick and dirty experiment after the jump !

Key ingredients: Canon EOS 7D, Canon Speedlites ( 580ex2 and 430ex), human light stand and nearest available human specimen (willingness to be photographed is optional)

One of the best things about the 7D remote flash triggering system is that you can sort the speedlites into groups and control the output right in the camera ! Whats that I hear ? Rim light, key light, seperation light ? No Problemo ! Stay where u are and tune it in camera ! I LIKEEE !

Heres the shot of our dashing young model Gan Ying Quan and his scrambler. Shot this on the EF 70-200f2.8 L so you obviously have a pretty decent range to work with as long as the line of sight was maintained between the on camera flash and Speedlites.

Another reallllly cool thing, the 7D’s on camera flash can also be adjusted to fire or just trigger as well ! Oh yeahhhh.
More crazy pics and how to turn a trash can into a light stand on Chee Minh’s site

Next up… maybe a proper shoot, light modifiers and such.. ooooohhh…. STAY TUNED !

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