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AfterDark Facility (AdF) is housed within an artist’s work+living quarters. The living room has since been transformed into a photographer’s studio.
The blend of art and photography offers an idyllic space for creative expressions through joint projects, organized courses, art-related events, film screenings and even the occasional private dining with a grumpy chef in attendance.

Where is AfterDark Facility
Located within a nostalgic, single storey semi-detached perched on a scenic and windy hill, the cosy black&white style house overlooks the football field of PUB’s recreational club.
Surrounded by trees, groves and more such old houses, AdF is easily reached by foot or car from 2 lanes off Braddell Road near its junction with Upper Serangoon Road. See map below

What its about

AdF is the collaborative arm of Mark Teo Photography. It is Mark’s creative project sharing business with other creatives and artists of different backgrounds. They could be painters, musicians, dancers, chefs etc..and the eventual product can be print, film, video or any mixed media. What is important is that the product can only be achieved as and is far better as a team effort than his own.

AdF also wants to share experience through courses and have fun while working. It can be a mini show gallery, a private diner or simply an event setting after a long day’s work.

For enquiries contact:

Mark Teo
Mobile: +65 9760 3342

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