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Weekend in…. THE MIST

June 21, 2010

Quick post of what the weekend of shooting was like. 3 days of rain soaked shooting in the mountains and almost freezing to death!
The first section of the crazy UCI mountain bike world cup is practically in the clouds !

My view from the cable car up to the Downhill start point. Coooold…..

Good thing is my cans of Red Bull stays cold in the backpack !

Stay tuned for the full post coming up !


Week 03 – Styria to Tyrol

June 16, 2010

From the mountains in Styria to the mountains in Tyrol ! Packed alil lighter for this shoot (although i could prob still cut down the load) Hiked for an hour up the mountain to get to my first checkpoint ! Holyyy sheeeeet !

Characteristic of most Red Bull events, you gotta be pretty BAD ASS to take part..

Only the strong survive. Professional mountain runner. All round BAD ASS.

First part of the race is an endurance bike orienteering race through town and up the mountain

Then a running and navigation race over the rocky terrain to find your checkpoints. Chasing the action with 2 cameras and a backpack was pretty sick too.

* Slips on muddy slope*
“F@#k ! My lens ! F#@K !

*Falls into melting snow*
“F$%K ! My Cameras ! F&%K !

This is when I got distracted. If only i had some atap chee, rose syrup, condensed milk and some green jelly with me…hmm..

Thats 2 weekends in the mountains and 1 more to go!

Note to self: DO NOT jump bare foot into snow.

Week 02- Munich to Styria

June 13, 2010

Attended the awesome STROKE02 Exhibition in Munich before heading up to the mountains in Styria for the worlds toughest Enduro race ! THe Red Bull Hare Scramble ! The terrain is hard..the riders… HARDCORE !! Check out some of the highlights !

Pre race activities include whats called the Storm of Erzberg where thousands of bikers ride through the towns in a giant motorcade.

Kimi Raikkonen in high speed drift through the “Iron Mountain” of Styria

Taddy Blazusiak closing in on the “Ice Man”

Racers emerging from the dust in the most punishing motor endurance race. Shot this on my absolute fav lens the Canon EF 300 f2.8 !! Bloody awesome lens!! SO sharp so sharp !!

The landscape is just fantastic. Still shooting on the Canon 300 f2.8 before running for my wide angle as the riders pass my post.

Not for the faint of heart…

Thousands entered, 15 finish.

Up next !!From the mountains in Styria to the Mountains in Tyrol !

The Iron Mountain

June 7, 2010

The view from atop the Iron Mountain;

Click to view large !

Battle ground for the worlds toughest motorcycle endurance race, the Red Bull Hare Scramble !

Lake Fuschl

May 26, 2010

Still waiting for the weather to clear here in Fuschl am See.

Week 01 – Salzburg to Venice

May 25, 2010

Its been raining since I’ve arrived in Salzburg and I wasn’t going to spend the first long weekend hiding in my pathetic little room.(see previous post) So its off to ITALY !
Why i got lost day 1
The place gets to you…
..even these guys cant help themselves…
solo emo traveller shot ! ( waited a looong time for people to stop walking past)
Obligatory gondola shot. Almost impossible to get one not overloaded with tourists!
One more of the waterways that weave through the city of Venice

Made a mistake this trip though. The more gear you bring, the less pictures you will take.. so true.. sigh…

Jet lagged photo exercise

May 20, 2010

3 Days into Austria and still jet lagged. The cold rainy weather also means most of work time is at the desk all day. Thought I’d have some fun in the room with all the gear thats been stowed away in the closet. 3 speedlites all triggered with PWs. Shot on the 15mm 2.8 fisheye on a 5D mark 2 on 10sec self timer. ( which was hardly enough to run from camera to crossed legged pose) 300 f2.8 L lens on my shoulder is purely for showing off.

To be more specific:
1 speedlite gelled green aimed at the ceiling behind camera left for fill.
1 speedlite gelled red and aimed under the tv table to create alil more depth to the image.
1 speedlite with full cut CTO aimed at the laptop screen as key for myself.